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Accurate Diagnostics

Every car owner has at one time or another gotten the uneasy feeling that the mechanic working on their vehicle may have been using the customer's wallet as a diagnostic tool. Also known as "parts hanging", one component after another is replaced until the problem is eventually resolved. Unfortunately for the customer, these components all find their way to the end bill, adding hundreds of extra dollars for unnecessary repairs. This is generally due to a lack of training and knowledge on behalf of the technician.

Southern Stables Automotive recognizes the importance of a technician's dedication to excellence and education...the cornerstone of accurate diagnostics. Your vehicle is never handed over to a technician with anything less than a Master certification. Our technicians carry Manufacturer Senior Master, A.S.E. Master Technician, A.S.E. Advanced Level Specialist, A.S.E. Undercar, Suspension, Steering & Exhaust Specialist and Service Consultant Specialist Ratings. They use the latest technologies with a functional, in-depth knowledge of Lab Scope, Auto Enginuity and OTC scan tools, Pressure and Vacuum transducers, Mode 6 diagnostics and live data interpretation. They are further aided by the use of a chassis dynomometer to help pinpoint difficult-to-replicate drivability concerns. Finally, direct use of actual manufacturer data assures repairs are performed to exacting manufacturers standards. No excuses, just results.
Southern Stables Automotive is the only certified A.S.E. Blue Seal of Excellence auto repair center in Southern York County. Our technicians carry current certifications in every service category we offer, and all services and parts are backed by a full warranty.

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Accurate Diagnostics
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