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Factory Scheduled Maintenance

Southern Stables Automotive performs all of your vehicle's recommended or required maintenance as outlined by the specific vehicle's manufacturer. All vehicles are made up of systems and components that have a life expectancy. That system or component's "duty cycle" is reliant upon service intervals. Not unlike the human body, a unit that is treated harshly, used excessively and not given the proper attention will not perform well, ultimately failing far earlier than one that is cared for properly. Beware of any shop that does you "favors" by not alerting you or down-playing the importance of a factory scheduled maintenance procedure in an attempt to save you money. A radiator coolant service is far less expensive than a headgasket repair.

If you have any questions regarding any service, or just need help prioritizing the maintenance that may be overdue on your vehicle, feel free to consult directly with our technicians. You'll always get direct, honest answers and a solution that fits your needs.
Southern Stables Automotive is the only certified A.S.E. Blue Seal of Excellence auto repair center in Southern York County. Our technicians carry current certifications in every service category we offer, and all services and parts are backed by a full warranty.

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