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Advanced Level Tuning

Southern Stables Automotive technicians understand the complexity of today's engines and engine management systems. Many drivability issues can be well masked by the vehicle's ability to "correct" for certain deficiencies or failures, as its prime directive is to maintain smooth operation using strategies built-in by the manufacturer. This is where a comprehensive understanding of base engine function and advanced diagnostic datastream interpretation are essential.

Our diagnostic tools and training allow us to access a far greater amount of critical information than standard scan devices, allowing faster and more accurate tuning. From maintenance tune-ups, to genuine fuel system cleaning, to power and efficiency upgrades, we have you covered with live data, dynamometer results, and of course, the final word - your satisfaction. We pride ourselves on being steps ahead of our competitors. Period.

Dynojet Chassis Dynamometer & SCT Custom Tuning

Southern Stables Automotive is proud to be an authorized SCT dealer and tuning facility. We are equipped with a Dynojet chassis dynamometer and SCT Advantage Software, and custom tuning is available through our SCT certified tuner with an extensive background in engine management and drivability. Our technicians can also design custom tunes for your GM, Ford or Chrysler product.

If you've assembled thousands of dollars worth of performance equipment on your vehicle, leaving it to be tuned by ear or guesswork will most certainly not give you the power, drivability or reliability you've invested in. If you have any questions regarding equipment upgrades or performance installations, including estimates, please call with the details of your proposed build...we'll be happy to assist!

Save Big At The Pump With SCT Economizer Flash Tuners!

SCT Economizer flash tuners are available for a variety of Ford products. These tuners have been independently lab tested to increase your fuel economy by up to 10%, and are CARB and EPA approved. Have a fleet? Call about our pricing to have all of your Ford fleet vehicles tuned for economy and save big at the pump!
Southern Stables Automotive is the only certified A.S.E. Blue Seal of Excellence auto repair center in Southern York County. Our technicians carry current certifications in every service category we offer, and all services and parts are backed by a full warranty.

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